characteristic industry of the beach village of Dongzhuosu Town

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During his inspection on March 19, Macron said sadly: “when I saw the French people go out to the park for picnics, attend parties, go to the beach to bask in the sun, and go to the open-air bazaar, I was really saddened. The starting point of the ban policy is to protect the French people, but they obviously do not realize this, nor do they understand how dangerous the epidemic is. ”

Beihai City is famous for its clear water and white sandy beaches. The average temperature here is 22.8 degrees Celsius, which is an ideal place to escape the cold winter in northern China. In addition, there are many beautiful islands nearby, such as Weizhou Island and Dongxing Island, which are definitely worth visiting. If you are looking for a place to enjoy the serenity of nature, then you must go to Xinganling Forest Park. The forest park is home to a wide variety of plant and animal species and is a good place for hiking or picnics.

Another remarkable feature of these bags is their versatility. Besides being an eco-friendly option for grocery shopping, mesh bags with zipper black serve numerous other purposes. They make excellent beach companions, allowing sand to sift through while keeping your essentials in place. Furthermore, they are perfect for organizing your gym gear, preventing odors from lingering within your workout clothes.

One of the distinctive elements of large mesh bags is their mesh construction. This unique design allows for excellent ventilation and prevents the accumulation of sand and water. Gone are the days of finding your beach toys filled with sand after a fun-filled day of building sandcastles. The mesh bags efficiently filter out any unwanted debris, ensuring that your toys remain clean and sand-free. Moreover, the compact size of these bags makes storage a breeze. Simply fold them up when not in use and tuck them away until your next beach outing.

characteristic industry of the beach village of Dongzhuosu Town

Parents with young children can also benefit from the functionality of these bags. Mesh bags make excellent toy organizers, preventing little pieces and parts from getting lost or mixed up. Additionally, they are ideal for beach outings or picnics, providing sand-free storage for snacks, toys, and towels. The mesh material ensures that any leftover sand or water can easily drain out, leaving your bags clean and hassle-free.

Taking children to places with few people is also the first choice for most families. Ms. Wang, who lives in Xinglin Bay, said: “the Garden Boyuan, the beach of Guanyin Mountain and the big lawn near the Heng Lin Bay Operation Center are all very interesting places, and you can also take some things for a picnic.”

The picnic area next to the beach has become an eye-catching garbage dump, the report said. Photos taken at the scene showed discarded clothes, shoes, towels and blankets everywhere.

The towel industry is the characteristic industry of the beach village of Dongzhuosu Town in our city, and it was awarded the title of “Taobao Village” by Ali Group in 2020. The party branch and village committee of Beach Village gave full play to their own advantages and set up a live platform for the promotion and sales of towels. Jin Guozhan, secretary of the party branch, went into the studio to personally endorse the products with local characteristics, which not only brought out the sales of the products, but also opened up a new way to revitalize the countryside.

characteristic industry of the beach village of Dongzhuosu Town

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