York has released a handbag smaller than a grain

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We all know that “cure all diseases”, girls like to buy bags, there are many types of bags on the market, but they are at least useful, that is, loading things. Recently, however, an art group in New York has released a handbag smaller than a grain of salt, along with a microscope. Unexpectedly, someone bought it and sold it at an online auction for a high price of 63750 US dollars, equivalent to 462000 yuan.

A plaid coat with a black T-shirt, and a black casual pants also look very good, this dress is very suitable for middle-aged women, looks quiet and intellectual, can be matched with a pair of black short sleeves, the bag can be matched with a handbag, the overall age is more elegant.

22 the handbag also accurately grasps the matching meaning of “relaxed feeling” in style, and does not deliberately pursue the trend and effortlessly create the style, which fits well with the free and casual attitude of the bag with a hint of hippie meaning.

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York has released a handbag smaller than a grain

Before recycling, we need to figure out where to go to recycle luxury bags. In fact, websites like some professional recycling bags are a good choice. In the luxury recycling market, the larger the brand, the higher the recycling value. Especially for Herm 猫 s luxury bags, with the blessing of the brand. There is no doubt that Herm 猫 s luxury bags want to be recycled at a high price. After all, as a Gordon handbag market. The recycling price of handbags will not be low. But the premise is to maintain a good handbag, and make sure that accessories and documents are complete. The specific evaluation should go into the professional luxury goods recycling platform. Agent, it depends on the specific situation of the bag making and the heat of the market. The recovery price of Herm 猫 s is 30-70% lower than the original price. The price range depends on the market heat, quality maintenance and the attachment of the Hermes package certificate. After all, only high-quality bags can circulate faster in the luxury recycling market, and merchants can sell them better, so recycling prices are relatively high.

In addition, the back of the front sunshade of the copilot is equipped with a large cosmetic mirror, and there is also an open large storage space under the auxiliary dashboard, which is to facilitate co-pilot users to place handbags, cosmetic bags, etc., and easily maintain the goddess style.

The shape of the bag is related to the ability of this “treasury” to absorb wealth and keep it. Generally speaking, the bags we usually use are made of growing squares, or similar to rectangles, because rectangular objects have strong gas tolerance, especially the bags under the upper circle, which is in line with the principle of the round place, and the trapezoid at the bottom is larger and smaller at the top, which is also in line with the wider and wider pattern. Therefore, it is a better “treasury”. Therefore, the richer people prefer to use square backpacks or handbags, while round or irregularly shaped bags are very angry and difficult to hide wind and gas, so try to avoid using them.

The matching of high heels lengthens the lines of the legs. Hand-held Daisy handbag, crescent-shaped bag creates a free, easy and casual style. For women, a high-end dress with a high-grade texture bag, like the icing on the cake, not only has the role of storage, but also can become the embellishment of the overall shape.

You can also wear this handbag when you travel, and you can put some cash in it for a rainy day. In short, this bag can definitely be delivered to the hearts of girls! In particular, there is a lost girlfriend, as a qualified boyfriend, do not hurry to give this bag to my girlfriend ~

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