original warehouse can help luggage brands effectively match

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We will increase investment in research and development and further enhance our core competitiveness. 22H1 R & D expense rate + 0.15pct, the company in the application of new materials, TPU composite fabric technology to increase research and development, while increasing lightweight, high R value professional products breakthrough research and development, focusing on vehicle inflatable mattresses, aquatic products and hard thermal insulation luggage product category expansion, in addition, continue to speed up automatic production line planning and special equipment transformation and upgrading.

SAIC insists on using the safest and most environmentally friendly materials and processes at the beginning of every new car design, including the Roewe i6. Take chestnut for example, such as Roewe i6 dashboard PVC coating, central control armrest cover using water-based glue instead of solvent-based glue; instrument panel panel using plastic highlight injection molding instead of bad smell paint and water transfer process; luggage carpet using PP cavity board instead of bad smell, high VOC wood fibreboard; abandoning the harmful waste textile felt material, using suitable skin contact PET sound absorption material, and so on. Due to the application of healthy materials, the organic volatiles of Roewe i6 new cars are far lower than the “National Standard for Evaluation of Air quality in passenger cars”, the content of major hazards ethylbenzene and xylene is less than 4% of the national standard, and the content of formaldehyde is less than the national standard 1can5, and far lower than the competitive products, it is the “cure system” in the sedan chair.

original warehouse can help luggage brands effectively match

It is understood that the product App from the first commodity transaction, with the first “first identification, then delivery” model, each commodity for multiple identification inspection, only after confirming the quality of the goods, will be equipped with the exclusive “anti-counterfeiting kit”, sent to the hands of consumers. Because of the persistence of “quality”, App gathers young people who pursue quality to buy fashion shoes and fashion clothes, luggage accessories, 3C digital, beauty care, sports outdoor, toys, musical instruments, home appliances, works of art and many other kinds of fashion consumer goods; at the same time, continue to attract global fashion consumer brands in-depth cooperation.

The person in charge of the original warehouse (Guangzhou) Culture and Technology Co., Ltd., which launched the IP data platform in 2019, said that taking the leather industry as an example, with the help of IP big data platform, the original warehouse can help luggage brands effectively match IP, empower the luggage industry, protect the property rights of original design, and maximize creative and industrial value.

original warehouse can help luggage brands effectively match

In order to reverse this situation and make up for the “deficiency” of the railway in the transportation of fresh goods, the railway administration started the transformation of luggage carts. The existing type 22 luggage cart is designed and transformed into an insulation car with good thermal insulation performance and adjustable warehouse temperature to meet the needs of fresh goods transportation.

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