just used, such as bedding, underwear, swimsuits, towel s, toilets and so

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Swimming, bathing related equipment, equipment and supplies: swimsuits, hats, antibacterial towels, slippers, bath sets, flippers, mirrors, diving equipment supplies, swimming teaching equipment, swimming bath related equipment and supplies, swimming pool (hall) construction materials and equipment and other

just used, such as bedding, underwear, swimsuits, towel s, toilets and so

Shampoo body soap is not recommended, first, the hospital conditions may not allow, second, the first few days is an important physical recovery period, try not to wash hair bath, especially caesarean section, the wound can not touch water. So just wipe your body with a towel every day.

Fifth, heat up your stomach with a towel, the baby may catch a cold with colic, so you should find a way to keep your baby warm around your belly button, but be careful not to burn your baby when using this method.

Sexual contact infection is the main mode of transmission of gonorrhea, and the vast majority of patients are infected after having sex with the opposite sex of gonorrhea. 70% of men have an one-time relationship with gonorrhea patients or bacterial patients ~ 90% may be infected with gonorrhea, and 30% of women may be infected with gonorrhea ~ 60% can be infected. In addition, gonorrhea can also be infected indirectly, and other people may be infected with items that gonorrhea patients have just used, such as bedding, underwear, swimsuits, towels, toilets and so on.

The rear bed is designed for the upper and lower mother beds, and windows are designed for the upper and lower berths. The toilet is equipped with shower, towel bar, bathroom mirror, hand carton, bathroom curtain, toilet basin, toilet hanging cabinet, clothes pole, warm air outlet.

10.? When children are in the garden, the distance between desks and chairs will be maximized; during activities, children will not gather together as far as possible; toys and towels will be disinfected one by one; keep a distance of 1 meter when they go to the toilet and drink water; divide them up and down the stairs; divide the class into two groups: two people per table, the class is divided into two groups, one group eats in the class, one group eats in the aisle, and one person has one tableware. Siesta bed distance, so that the head and feet staggered to avoid cross-infection.

Although the risk of infection in indirect contact is relatively low, HPV can also be transmitted through indirect contact, such as exposure to shared items (such as towels, clothing, etc.) or in public facilities (such as swimming pools, saunas, etc.), resulting in a risk of infection.

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