rooms, large equipment and other areas, including towel s, cups, tableware, toys

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In fact, at every stage of growing up, children may have special interest or sensitivity to different things, such as children constantly saying to themselves, “what color is this?” What color is the towel? What color is the dress? ” What he hopes is that his parents can enter his world, understand his curiosity, discover the mystery and beauty of the world, and rejoice with him.

The teachers of each class guided the children to evacuate according to the evacuation route. under the command of the evacuation guides on each floor and the leadership of the teachers and caregivers of each class, the children each took wet towels, covered their mouths and noses, bent down, and held on to the railings of the stairs without making noise. one by one, they evacuated quickly. The freshmen of the small class participated in the fire safety escape drill for the first time in the third week of the park, and they were able to follow the command, do not cry, do not make trouble in the face of danger, and performed very well.

7. Pat your face dry with a clean towel.

According to reports, before the start of the school year, the kindergarten carried out comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of classrooms, activity rooms, large equipment and other areas, including towels, cups, tableware, toys and so on. In terms of epidemic prevention and control, kindergartens have prepared a comfortable nucleic acid sampling environment for children. On the first day of school, teachers and students returned to the garden healthily in strict accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention by virtue of the negative certificate of nucleic acid test in three days.

rooms, large equipment and other areas, including towel s, cups, tableware, toys

During the period of keeping a distance from the mouth of the meal, the assistant class of the main class led the children to wash their hands in seven steps, and the teacher distributed towels and cutlery to the children, wore bibs, and divided meals for the children at lunch.

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