not good, or there are no windows, towel s, toothbrushes and other

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1, pay attention to isolation and disinfection: acute conjunctivitis is very contagious, so if there are patients with acute conjunctivitis, do a good job of isolation and disinfection. First of all, we should isolate the source of infection, that is, the patient himself. Secondly, we should pay attention not to share towels and washbasins with patients; wash hands after contact with patients; disinfect things used by patients in time so as not to spread infection.

Liu Huaisheng, president of the long March Street Federation of Trade unions, and his entourage successively provided tea, rock candy, towels and other heat prevention and cooling items to sanitation workers, express delivery boys, community volunteers, and community workers.

Mother Xing said that all the services provided by other Yuezi clubs are available here! Moreover, different from the general Yuezi clubhouse, the Lianchi Yuezi clubhouse is disinfected in strict accordance with the hospital feeling requirements. The fabrics in the room (bed products, bath towels, towels, etc.) are strictly sterilized in accordance with medical standards. All pollutants are handled in accordance with the hospital perception standard, and the safety is really guaranteed.

The lighting of the bathroom at home is not good, or there are no windows, towels, toothbrushes and other daily items, long-term moist environment leads to the growth of bacteria, you can also try to move the hand washing table out.

For patients undergoing axillary lymph node dissection, as a large number of lymphatic vessels are cut off, they should avoid sleeping on the affected side and avoid compression on the upper limb, so as not to cause or aggravate the lymphedema of the upper limb. If it is necessary to sleep on the affected side, put a pillow or towel below the affected side to keep the upper limb above the heart level and keep the arm as straight as possible.

not good, or there are no windows, towel s, toothbrushes and other

Children are usually encouraged to do some things for their elders, such as getting towels and delivering fruit for their grandparents. Not only let children participate in labor, but also help them develop respect and filial piety for their elders.

After scald, be sure to rinse the scald area with cold water immediately, so as to help the baby cool down and relieve the pain caused by scald. If the wound is not ruptured, then you can soak for a while, preferably with flowing cold water. The time can be a little longer, lasting about five or six minutes. But if the wound has been ruptured, then can not continue to rinse, so it is easy to let the wound infection, you can soak the towel in cold water for local cooling, be sure to let the temperature of the scald down, so as to avoid the second injury of scald, can also help the baby relieve the pain.

It is recommended that such intimate things should not be misused. But the traditional towel is not easy to carry, it is recommended that this disposable compressed towel is only the size of a candy grain, but it immediately expands in case of water and becomes a small square towel. Its water absorption and softness are very good, do not dare to use to wipe the face, wipe the body, remove makeup, and even wipe shoes are very easy to use, throw after use, very convenient.

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