a bath, sit stool function is complete, towel rack, dressing mirror,

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Just recently, the parents of an aided student in Shanghai suddenly sent a banner. It turned out that her lively daughter was only 10 years old, and her school happened to have received the public welfare education of the first safety lesson. The last time I took her out to eat hot pot, she was hurt half of her face and shoulder by the bottom of the pot taken out by the waiter. At that moment, the mother hurriedly picked up the towel on the table to wipe for the girl, but the girl firmly dodged: “Mom, the teacher said, never use a towel!” The girl asked the waiter where the faucet was, ran under the faucet to keep the cold water rinsing, and asked her mother to call an ambulance. Later, only after the mother communicated with the doctor did she know that her daughter was right and that the child was able to avoid the tragedy of disfigurement because of proper self-help.

For the towels, scissors, electric push knives, hair dryers and other facilities in the store, Tony teachers should make a good one-to-one disinfection, and the disinfection should be recorded. It is recommended to use disposable towels, scarves and other products. Disposable products should be recycled in time and disposed of properly.

In daily life, many women may be infected with beriberi if their families suffer from beriberi, or wear shoes worn by beriberi patients in some public places, use things such as foot wipes and towels, and may also be infected. especially in public bathrooms, swimming pools and other places.

Drying towels is really practical! It is a bathroom item with a strong sense of happiness! Exquisite girls really must enter, because no matter how many skin care products they buy, they still have to solve the problem of mites from the root. This electric towel rack is really very nice! It feels like the skin is much less closed.

But Ren Yi began to prepare himself. He destroyed everything he wrote about it, including letters from his classmates. He keeps some daily necessities in his schoolbag, such as towels, toothpaste and toothbrushes, which are always hung on the bedside mosquito net hook.

Toilet planning, wash, take a bath, sit stool function is complete, towel rack, dressing mirror, toilet, locker is more convenient to use. Top two-way ventilator to keep the air in the bathroom fresh. Washing machine optional, directly embedded in the bathroom wall, can better optimize the space.

Imagine arriving at your hotel after a long day of exploring, tired and ready to unwind. Instead of having to rummage through your suitcase for toiletries, you can simply unzip your hanging toiletry bag and hang it right on the bathroom door or towel rack. This provides easy access to all your necessities while keeping your countertop clutter-free. Additionally, the hanging feature protects your belongings from water damage, spills, or contact with unclean surfaces – ensuring a hygienic and stress-free experience.

13. Tidy up the utensils and utensils used at the water bar before getting off work. After cleaning, put them back in place. The used towels should be dried and should not be left everywhere.

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