etc., reduce the chances of sharing shoes, towel s and other items

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(6)? Guest room cleaning. Strengthen the cleanliness of hotel guest rooms, restaurants and conference rooms. Increase the frequency of cleaning. Each guest will thoroughly change the bedding, towels and towels after checking out. Disposable toiletries, etc. Guest rooms, bathrooms and public places in the hotel should be cleaned up. Clean and disinfect.

Finally, the editor once again reminds you that you should avoid swimming in public swimming pools, avoid using public bathing facilities, and avoid sharing towels with others to prevent infection. At the same time, try to avoid scratching and prevent yourself from being infected by vaccination.

After wiping the hair half-dry with a towel, lift a pinch of hair with your hand or comb, turn on the hot air and blow against the hair root from top to bottom. Be careful not to blow too long, about 10 to 15 seconds to change sides. When you finish blowing on one side, put the other end of the hair dryer close to the hair root for 10 seconds, and then turn on the hot air.

In fact, no matter in winter or summer, it is necessary to put on a thick coat on the pipes of air energy units. In summer, it is to avoid unnecessary heat loss, protect the safety of staff and avoid burns. In winter, on the one hand, it is to ensure the water temperature to prevent hot water from becoming hot before it reaches the terminal, which leads to a great reduction in the effect of indoor heating. On the other hand, it is to prevent pipes from being frozen and cracked. Therefore, pipe protection measures should be standardized. It is a necessary measure for the stable operation of the unit in winter. However, when the pipeline freezes, do not use hot water to deicing, this is very easy to cause pipe burst, and then cause serious safety accidents, can be wrapped with warm towels, use warm water to slow deicing or use other heating equipment to deicing.

With the sound of the emergency alarm, the fire safety drill officially began, and all teachers and students were in position according to the exercise plan, and all the teachers of each class arrived at the post quickly, calmly and calmly directed the children to cover their mouths and noses and hold wet towels in their hands to escape safely according to the emergency evacuation route.

Third, the frequency of cleaning the filter ranges from once a month to three to four times a year. Sand or diatomite) need to be cleaned regularly to keep the water clean no matter what type of filter (filter cartridge) is used in your pool or spa. Depending on the type of filter and the frequency of use of the pool or spa! Therefore, people must regularly wipe the dust on the swimming equipment with clean towels to avoid these stains.

Sixth, prepare materials for heat prevention and cooling at the scene. Construction, water supply and gas supply, and property service enterprises should equip front-line personnel with necessary heat prevention and cooling products such as safety helmets, towels, cool oil, Huoxiang Zhengqi water, etc., to ensure the daily supply of drinking water, mung bean soup and other cool summer drinks, and timely adjust their jobs for people suffering from high temperature contraindications to ensure the health and safety of operators.

Avoid walking barefoot in public places, go to swimming pools, hot springs, parks, etc., reduce the chances of sharing shoes, towels and other items with others, and increase your immunity, eat less fried food, and keep your skin dry.

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