key parts, the use of blanket s, impervious cloth, electric

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Wuxi Fushide insulation material has a good performance in the industry. Low-temperature cold insulation type: to prevent the transfer of external high temperature to the low-temperature cold preservation area Wuxi base is mainly based on the scheme design and construction of “heat insulation project, sound absorption project”, and the processing of engineering materials such as “fire-proof and heat-resistant cloth (blanket)”. In China, our company is an early and systematic enterprise engaged in the research, development and production of “detachable thermal insulation sleeve engineering and fireproof and heat-resistant fiber”. In this field, our company is a professional manufacturer with “many construction cases, complete product varieties and large production scale” in China. Anti-freezing type: prevent external low temperature from affecting the internal working temperature of the insulated body. It is mainly used for anti-freezing and process stability of pipes, equipment, instruments and instruments, and the materials and insulation clothing used are customized according to the requirements of the site.

Business scope production and sales: luggage, handbag, suitcase, incubator, car storage box, car packing box, wrapper bag, computer bag, hiking bag, travel bag, insulation bag, ice bag, car ice bag, car travel bag, wash bag, mommy bag, picnic bag, picnic basket, ice basket, picnic blanket, sleeping bag, storage bag, leather goods, leather gloves and decorative products, other leather products, tents, leisure tables and chairs, Car pillows, car insulation blankets, outdoor camping blankets, outdoor tourism supplies processing and sales Self-management and agency of import and export business except import and export commodities jointly operated by the State and import and export commodities operated by approved companies by the State (projects that must be reported for approval by laws and administrative regulations or decided by the State Council shall not be operated until approved) (projects that must be approved according to law can only be carried out with the approval of relevant departments) *

This eagle-style blanket, also made of 100% pure wool, is huge in overall size of 1.5mx2m. Every day, whether it is used at home, hung on the wall for decoration, or taken outdoors, it is very practical to have a picnic on the ground during camping, or to cover yourself to keep warm.

key parts, the use of blanket s, impervious cloth, electric

In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of production and construction in winter, the drilling team of the fourth project department conscientiously implements the operation rules for equipment maintenance in winter according to its own construction characteristics. focus on all kinds of oil and gas pipelines, high-pressure manifolds, throttle manifolds, drilling pump air bags and other key parts, the use of blankets, impervious cloth, electric companion tropics for thermal insulation, do a good job of anti-freezing, fire prevention, explosion-proof, leakage-proof work of equipment oil, gas and hydropower pipelines So that the winter prevention and heat preservation work can be put into practice.

Since giving birth consumes a lot of physical energy, bitches are particularly weak at this time, and even the slightest change in temperature can make them sick. This is especially true for puppies, who have just come out of the warm womb and are difficult to adapt to the cooler environment. In order to ensure the health of bitches and puppies, it is important to keep them warm. You can prepare a nest for them in advance, put on a clean urine pad, and if the temperature is not enough, you can also cover them with heating equipment such as an electric blanket to keep warm.

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